Certified KPI Specialist [CKPIS]

Certified KPI Specialist [CKPIS]
Certified KPI Specialist [CKPIS]

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Education Level:- Graduation

Experience Level:- 1 year

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Business is challenging, especially during difficult economic times. It is also extremely competitive and our customers are becoming increasingly discerning. As a result business leaders and senior executives are all looking to improve performance, minimize errors and seek out new and novel ways to gain the edge over their competition. KPIs – when properly understood and used effectively provide a powerful tool in achieving just that.


KPIs are a ubiquitous in modern business. They are everywhere – common almost. And yet businesses that are using KPIs correctly and effectively are not common. Knowing about KPIs and understanding their relevance is of course important and we’ll explore these essential topics in this workshop. But, when push comes to shove KPIs are only really useful if you identify the right ones to measure for your business and only measure those ones. They will only deliver mission critical data if you then use the KPIs and analyze what they tell you on a regular basis to inform and illuminate your decision making.


This workshop is therefore specifically designed to ensure that you design, implement and use KPIs correctly for the maximum impact with the minimum fuss. When used properly KPIs can become the compass that can guide you through even the choppiest of corporate waters leading your business to even greater success and prosperity.

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Course Description

Competency Framework: There are Seven Areas of Excellence (AoE) for KPI Specialist. This course has been designed based on these seven Areas of Excellence:


  • AoE-1: Business Competency
  • AoE-2: Process Competency
  • AoE-3: Result Chain Analysis Competency
  • AoE-4: KPI Technical Competency
  • AoE-5: Role Profiling Competency
  • AoE-6: Goal Setting Competency
  • AoE-7: Project Management Competency


Course Descriptions:



Discussion Points

Case, Practice & Exercises

AoE-1: Business Competency

  • Financial Intelligence
  • Business Value Driver
  • Business Strategy
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Organizational Comprehension
  • Management Skills
  • Business Model
  • Business Analysis Case

AoE-2: Process Competency


  • Process Mapping
  • Process Dependency
  • Process reengineering
  • Process Measurement
  • Process Monitoring
  • Process Controlling
  • Process Reengineering case, exercise,
  • Process designing Method

AoE-3: Result Chain Analysis Competency

  • Clarification of Result
  • Dissection of Result
  • Alignment of Competency-Effort-Result
  • Alignment of Action with Result Component
  • Designing KPI based on Result Chain
  • Result Analysis Case
  • Result Dissection Exercise

AoE-4: KPI Technical Competency

Module-1: Anatomy of Performance Management System

  • Performance Measurement Vs Performance Management
  • Objective of PMS
  • Methods of PMS
  • ACER Model for PMS
  • Tools for PMS
  • Organizational Performance Vs Team Performance Vs Individual Performance
  • Challenges of PMS
  • Analysis of Performance
  • PMS tool development

Module-2: KPI Chemistry

  • KPI Life Cycle
  • KPI Terminology like: RA, KRA, PI, KPI, RI, Goal
  • KPI Concept
  • Types of KPI
  • Characteristics of KPI based PMS
  • Benefits of KPI in Business
  • Types identification
  • KPI Story telling

Module-3: KPI Culture

  • Everything is Quantifiable
  • Awareness of KPI based PMS
  • KPI for Personal, Social and Professional life
  • Buy In for KPI Project
  • KPI for individual, Team and Organization
  • Example of KPI in different area
  • Tools and techniques for KPI culture

Module-4: KPI Designing

  • Concept of RIGHT KPI
  • FSP4 model for Organizational KPI Design
  • SIdO Model for Departmental KPI Design
  • ACER / TRICA model for Individual KPI Design
  • Tools/ Formats for KPI design
  • KPI Selection/ development technique
  • Step for developing KPI
  • KPI selection criteria
  • Techniques for giving weightage of KPI
  • Design KPI for Organization
  • Design KPI for different Function
  • Design KPI for different Individual

Module-5: KPI Selection

  • KPI selection for organizational scorecard;
  • KPI selection sources;
  • KPI Grouping
  • KPI selection criteria
  • Balanced Score Card for KPI selection
  • CEEPP for KPI Selection
  • Selection of KPI based on BSC, CEEPP & IFO Model

Module-6: KPI Measurement & Analysis

  • Data Gathering for KPI Measurement
  • Analysis of KPI Achievement
  • Data Visualization for KPI Achievement

Reward Management for KPI Achievement

  • KPI Analysis

Module-7: KPI for Business Performance Analysis

  • Design Business Focused KPI
  • Validation of Business KPI achievement with Business Strategy
  • Navigation of Organization through KPI analysis for Business Performance
  • Development of Business Focused KPI
  • Analytical tool for Business Centric KPI

AoE-5: Role Profiling Competency

  • Role Clarification
  • Role Deliverables
  • Role Competencies
  • Role analysis through RACI
  • Role Analysis Exercise


AoE-6: Goal Setting Competency

  • Define Goal borderline
  • Organization SWOT
  • Individual SWOT
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Goal alignment in different level
  • Benchmark Setting
  • Steps for Goal Setting
  • Goal Setting formats and tools
  • Goal setting for different level KPI

AoE-7: Project Management Competency

  • Project Analysis
  • Project Proposal
  • Project Selling
  • Project Planning
  • Communication
  • Project Implementation
  • Project Monitoring
  • Progress Evaluation
  • Project Closing
  • Project Follow-up
  • Role and Responsibility of KPI Project Owner
  • Role and Responsibility of KPI Team
  • Competency Framework for KPI Team Leader and members
  • Role of Management in KPI Implementation
  • Action Plan for KPI Implementation Project
  • KPI Implementation: Challenges and way forward
  • Role of Management in KPI Project
  • Role of KPI Team
  • Challenges and Way forward



Institute of Certified Business Consultant - USA


Objective/ Benefit: After completion of this course participants will be able to: 1. Understand the concept and practices of KPI 2. Design and Measure KPI 3. Align KPI in every level 4. Implement KPI Project in the organization 5. Drive Business Performance through KPI based PMS

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