Professional Diploma in Learning & Development

Professional Diploma in Learning & Development
Professional Diploma in Learning & Development

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Education Level:- Graduation

Experience Level:- 2 years preferable

Registration Deadline:- 2020-01-31

The Learning & Development function is becoming an increasingly important element of organizational and individual employee success. As jobs have become more technical and organization specific, there are fewer candidates whose qualifications meet such requirements.

New jobs are continually being created, and new equipment and systems introduced to existing jobs. Some jobs are vanishing, and many whose jobs are eliminated do not have the needed skills for the positions that are now available. In addition, many organizations have found it difficult to locate people who possess what were previously considered the necessary basic English, communication, and mathematical skills. All of these conditions require the type of expertise training can provide, so training is called on to make available the types of employees required.

A change in the economy may also create different types of training needs. When the economy is strong and employment is increasing, a high level of new employee training is required.

So, identification of right training need is very much essential for the success of the training. At the same time evaluation or impact assessment are also very vital for furthering the training sessions for the organization. So in the total training cycle TNA, ROI plays very vital role for the continuation of training decision for any organization. Also the success of Training depend on selection of Title, Content, Method, Resource and organizing the event successfully. Also it needs the Impact Assessment.

This training will give hands on experience to the participants for conducting perfect TNA, selecting right Resources for facilitation, Facilitate the Program, making the economic and efficient budget and conducting the impact assessment or Return on investment for every training to ensure the Monterey return of training. So that the Management will be encouraged to allow more training for the development of the individual as well as organization.

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Course Description

This course is specially designed for both L&D Manager as well as Facilitator/Trainer. The Competency Framework for this course is:


Foundational Competencies:

  • Personal Credibility
  • People Psychology Competency
  • Communication Competency

Functional Competencies

  • Coaching Competencies
  • Facilitation Competencies
  • Content Development Competencies
  • Analytical & Reporting Competencies

Resulting Competencies

  • Business Competencies
  • Impact Assessment Competencies
  • Leadership Competencies


Assessment Areas:

  1. Clarity about Concept: Clear understanding about Learning & Development
  2. Understanding Method/ Process: Different method and process of TNA, Facilitation, Evaluation
  3. Capability to implement the learning: Capacity to apply L&D Program in the organization
  4. Capability to transfer the learning: To make other people understand about Learning & Development
  5. Capability to analyze the challenges & overcome those: Analyze and overcome the challenges for implementing Learning & Development initiatives in the organization


Pre course Activity: Online Activity

  1. Self Assessment
  2. Self study of article and materials to clear the concept

Course Activity: Learning, Assignment, Activities [online]

Post workshop Activity: Online

Assignment, Awareness Presentation, Application Action Plan, Case Analysis,


Assessment Method:

  • Post Course Examination
  • Post Course Assignment & Presentation


Singapore Training And Development Association


Outcome of the Program: After completion of the program, the participants will be able to • Clarify the Role & Responsibility of L&D Manager/ Officer in any organization • Play Role as Business Partner • Design & Conduct TNA program for the organization • Relate TNA with Business Gap • Organize any Training Program efficiently • Prepare effective and efficient training Budget • Design Training Manual & Module • Design Training Materials • Design Training Cases/ exercises/ games/ business cases • Conduct Impact Assessment of Training Programs • Measure the Return on Investment for every program • Convert qualitative result into monetary value for calculation

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