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HR Outsourcing / Third Party Employee

 Now a days it has been proven that Employee are the best resource for any organization. But some ties due to the business nature or in considering some other criteria; it seems better ‘to have the service rather than the employees’.  Based on this statement the corporate are now moving towards ‘Third Party Employee concept. To have employee without having employee. The major benefit of this program is to use the skills & efficiency of the employee. All hazard will belong to WARD. You just use the efficiency of the employees. Employee will work for you but will be controlled by us.  

WARD Offerings: Based on the Third Party Employee concept WARD will offer you the following:

  • The total HR services regarding the employee involved for your desired services
  • Pay roll management for those people
  • Functions of Line Manager for tracking and monitoring performance
  • Assisting client organization to have Disciplinary actions
  • Train the people as per the requirement of the standard quality or organization demand
  • Sharing the ownership regarding those responsibilities
  • Regular reporting & MIS