Employee Assessment Tool (EAT)

About Employee Assessment Tool (EAT)

Psychometric Test now available in Bangladesh

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Assessments help grow your bottom line

If someone were to tell you that they had solutions to many of your professional needs, you would probably be skeptical. The ability to cut recruitment costs by hiring the right person the first time around? The ability to coach people to reach their full potential, increase your website's traffic, or conduct market and psychological research?

It's all possible, and WARDBD can help you make it happen with a large selection of renowned professionally developed psychological assessments, user-friendly interface, knowledgeable staff, and stellar customer service.


Testing right on target

  • 80 validated assessments available
  • Benchmarks - industry or custom
  • Interview questions
  • Comparisons
  • Expert advice
  • Stellar customer service
  • AMPM - R3 (Advanced Multidimensional Personality Matrix),
  • EAPT (Employee Attitude and Personality Test),
  • and many more!

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